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Puppies for Dummies

If you follow me on Facebook (Bunny Young) or Instagram (@Bunnyhas6legs) then you know calling me am a dog lover would be a huge understatement. What you don’t know is that I have not always loved puppies. Puppies can drive you nuts, ruin your furniture, knock over your kids, destroy your car, saturate your carpet… need […]

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My FavoriteKids Books

My Favorite Kids Books

Growing up, my parents read several books to me almost every night. I believe this led to a lifelong love for reading, education, school, and yes…books. As we move into spring and cleaning out our children’s collections, I wanted to suggest a few gems to look for on those shelves. (Spring cleaning blog to come!) […]

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Sunset chaser

Introducing Fido to the New Baby

Introducing our dogs to the new baby, Part 1 When we found out we were pregnant with our first daughter, I was a little concerned about how our dogs would adjust. One of them was my first service dog, and the other one was in training. So, needless to say, they went everywhere with us, and […]

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The Twelve Days of Motherhood

  As the Twelve Days of Christmas come to an end, here is a little song I think we can all relate to. On the first day of motherhood my dear child gave to me, A toy stuck in the neighbor’s tree. On the second day of motherhood my dear child gave to me, Two […]

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Home Birth to Hospital

  With our beautiful 5 year old daughter we were able to work with a midwife and doula in order to have a quick, comfortable home birth with almost no complications. I say almost because the birth went amazing. She came in about 6 hours and it was a miraculous experience. After she came though […]

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How Many Sticks Have You Peed On?

I was only 17 when I suffered my first miscarriage. I remember in the moment it was happening feeling sad, confused, in pain, and guilt for the tiniest tinge of relief that creeped inside me. It was the summer after my freshman year of college and I was engaged at the time to my high school […]

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