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The Passion Pitfall

The Passion Pitfall

We’ve all heard versions of these quotes meant to inspire us to follow our dreams: The message is a good one: dedicating yourself to whatever you’re passionate about can lead to a meaningful, purposeful career. And in many cases, it truly can. The person who’s passionate about helping people turns that into a long, fruitful […]

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Stop Asking For Help

Stop Asking for Help

I don’t think there is a mom out there who hasn’t needed help… …who hasn’t felt overwhelmed, drowning in life’s day-to-day grind. What mom hasn’t felt frustrated by seemingly endless chores, errands, laundry, cleaning, cooking, and planning, often in addition to a job outside the home? I hear, over and over again, mothers complaining of […]

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Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, let alone a husband, when I met Russell. I had been married before and had gone through a rough divorce. I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to get married again. One night, I was out with a friend for a girls’ night out in Jackson Ward. Suddenly, I […]

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Baby Roy, 5 minutes old

Birth can be redemptive

All birth stories are important, each for different reasons. The birth of my second child was redemptive and restorative for me because it showed me my own power. I was woefully uneducated with my first birth and put a lot of trust into my ob-gyn that was, unfortunately, misplaced faith. Suffice it to say that […]

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