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The Reality of Being a Young Mom

The Reality of Being a Young Mom

It’s a Saturday night, and most of my other 21-year-old friends are heading out for the evening. Meanwhile, back at my house, my 2-year-old just tore her dirty diaper off in a fit of defiance and is running around the house naked. I try not to laugh as I put her in timeout and clean […]

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Emma and Ava

My Birth Story – Emma

My first pregnancy was fairly uncomplicated in the beginning. I experienced mild amounts of morning sickness but not much. By my second trimester, I was energetic and had that enviable glow that pregnant women are famous for. This ease ended when I went into preterm labor at 27 weeks because I was working 12-hour days […]

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Traveling with Kids

Traveling With Kids: Why It’s A Must

One of my best friends moved to New York City a year and a half ago. Last spring, I had a severe hankering to travel, and after a stressful winter, desperately needed a vacation. Obviously, the first trip I had in mind was visiting my friend in the Big Apple. My daughter had just turned one […]

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5 Ways Being a Theater Kid Prepared Me for Adulthood

5 Ways Being A Theater Kid Prepared Me For Adulthood

It’s a Friday night, and many adolescents are heading to the movies, mall, or high school football game with friends. Theater kids, however, are preparing for a much different weekend activity. Richmond is home to several impressive theater companies, and they are not just for adult actors. CharacterWorks and SPARC are two of Richmond’s best-known theater programs exclusively […]

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pregnancy lessons

6 Things My First Pregnancy Taught Me

I’m currently 25 weeks into my second pregnancy. That means I’ve been pregnant for a total of 62 weeks of my life, which equates to over a year. Despite the fact that I have been a human incubator for this fairly significant amount of time, I still feel that I am hardly an expert on the […]

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Today was a Difficult Day

Today was a Difficult Day

Today was a difficult day; tomorrow will be better. My mom taught me this when I was a child. When I was younger, I never was aware of my mother’s vulnerability. I suppose most young children view their parents as some sort of superheroes who never have bad days. Until I got older, I didn’t […]

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