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Recognizing World Homeless Day

Recognizing World Homeless Day

One of my earliest memories is of sitting in the basement of my family’s church putting together a 1000 piece puzzle with a group of previously homeless men. I say they weren’t homeless at the time because they were a part of a transitional organization called CARITAS (which stands for Churches Around Richmond Involved to […]

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On Choosing Richmond

On Choosing Richmond

I’m a born and raised Richmond girl from the heart of the Fan. Well technically, I grew up “West of the Boulevard.” It’s easier to say the Fan because people who aren’t from here don’t know what WOB (as we called it growing up) actually stands for. Let’s be real. Most people who aren’t from […]

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Trusting My Instincts

Trusting My Instincts and Learning to Ask for Help

  As an early childhood educator and preschool director for the last 10+ years, you can imagine I’ve seen it all.  I’ve seen kids of all types with all kinds of unique needs, personalities, learning styles, and coping techniques. I’ve coached teachers through all types of situations. And with my director hat and tool bag […]

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My Last Baby is One

My Last Baby is ONE!

I laid my baby girl, my third child, my LAST one, to sleep for the last time as an infant. Today she is a big girl. She is walking and signing and throwing full-on toddler tantrums as a ONE-YEAR-OLD. All of the many milestones this year have been so different. When they said girls are […]

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enha uma

Today, I Wear Purple.

In honor of National Purple Day, I am wearing purple in support of one of the most profound kids I have met, my son’s buddy Connor. I can’t fully explain the impact Connorman (as we have come to know him) has had on our family so I thought I would share a story instead.  It was our […]

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