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There is a Mommy Uniform that We All Wear

Every Friday morning I meet with a group of Richmond moms that come together to support one another and share life experiences. What a blessing it is to have girlfriends! I’m telling you right now that every mom needs to have a group like this.  Anyway, I was looking around this group of women when it […]

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Carving Out Me Time

I am an anxious person by nature. In college, my perfectionism led to so much stress that I fell into a dark bout of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I’m not talking about the organizing-your-closet-by-color kind of OCD. I’m talking about the check-everything-five-times-before-leaving-the-house-or-surely-the universe-will-make-something-terrible-happen-to-you type of OCD. My mind had me in this game, and the stresses […]

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Meet Holly

Hi. I’m Holly. I have always known that I wanted to be a mother. My whole life. I knew that I was destined. I knew that nurturing others was one of my spiritual gifts. No questions. It was all part of a larger plan that I was meant to fulfill. From about the age of […]

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I Took a Sick Day and We All Survived

  We’ve all heard it.  Moms don’t get sick days. In fact, I think that we as moms have made that statement above one of the harshest realities of motherhood. We have learned to “just deal with it.” We’ve created memes mocking what we call man flu when our husbands fall ill. We’ve pretty much accepted the […]

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Holding onto Baby

I have three beautiful, wonderful children. After our third was born, I knew that our biological family was complete. She has so much life within her. She is bold and vibrant and absolutely adorable. I often tell people that I’m thankful she came last because she is such a handful that I really needed the […]

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5 Practical Self Care Actions for Every Mom

  When you become a mother, gears are shifted and everything becomes about your child. It’s pretty much inevitable that your days will become focused on feeding, bathing, nurturing, supervising, and managing your child’s health and well being. It’s a natural shift, and you’re doing the right thing. But often times, we moms are left […]

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