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Tales of a PTA President

Tales of a PTA President

Oh Man, those PTA ladies are the WORST. We’ve all heard it as newbie parents entering the school system. We’ve all seen the bake sales, the volunteer sign-ups, the fliers, the fundraisers. It has become a movie stereotype: this Pinterest-loving, over-achieving, unreal-expectations mom with too much time on her hands. The mom with the pearls and […]

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Carving Out Me Time

Carving Out Me Time

I’m an Anxious Person by Nature In college, my perfectionism led to so much stress that I fell into a dark bout of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I’m not talking about the organizing-your-closet-by-color kind of OCD. I’m talking about the check-everything-five-times-before-leaving-the-house-or-surely-the universe-will-make-something-terrible-happen-to-you type of OCD. My mind had me in this game, and the stresses of […]

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Discovering My Passion, Every Two Years

Here’s a well-known fact about me: I have had LOTS of interests in my life. Discovering my passion did not feel like a sack of bricks hitting me in the head, either. Science, teaching, sales, entrepreneurship, meal planning, and writing have all been “new endeavors” at one point or another. But, having THAT many passions […]

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