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How to Ruin Your Valentine’s Day

This sweet day of love has an enemy. I know because I’ve invited it to come out and spoil my birthday, weekends, Mother’s Day, and especially Valentine’s Day.  What is the enemy of Valentine’s Day? What is it that can totally ruin your Day of Love? Comparison.  That’s right ladies, the enemy of Valentine’s Day […]

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Why Am I Mean To My Husband

Why am I mean to my husband?

What’s the absolute easiest emotion to feel? No, really. Think about emotions and the amount of effort you put behind them. For me, it’s anger. Or, if you dig deep on the anger iceberg it’s meanness. The easiest emotion to display when my toddler goes against what I said? BE MEAN. Say something I’ll regret […]

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Staying on the Same Page: 52 Richmond Date Nights

  Relationships are hard. There are 101 things that make being an adult an adjustment and then you add another adult into the mix, making it even more of a challenge. Now, put both adults who are having a hard time “adulting” and make them cohabit: share a bed, a bathroom, groceries, bills and possibly […]

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She with always a word, he with always a listen.

My Husband Is Not My Role Model

You know when people say they married their best friend? That’s so sweet.  I love those stories.  I didn’t.  I have several “best friend” titles awarded to some really wonderful women in my life.  I really look up to these women and know I can count on them for perceptive, wisdom, venting, and laughing.  In […]

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