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Finding My Passion in the Silence

Finding My Passion in the Silence

Children are my passion. Maybe its my extroverted personality (82% according to Meyers-Briggs) that makes me enjoy the energy exchange with children. Perhaps it’s that shaping the future with little ones is fun and invigorating. Although it’s sort of serious in the long run, it’s not serious at all day by day, which is just how […]

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Finding My Passion in a Childhood Hobby

It probably seems cliche for a woman who founded a blog to say she finds her passion in reading and writing stories.  Well, cliche or not, I have to admit that I am truly passionate about both reading and writing stories.  Sharing my own stories and embracing the stories of other women have become as […]

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In search of happiness or fulfillment?

“If you achieve all your goals, you will be happy!” That’s what I was told as I grew up. I achieved all the goals: became a college athlete, graduated college with honors, moved out of state, obtained a Master’s degree, got a good job, got married, had a child, owned two dogs, and bought a home of […]

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