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6 Things My First Pregnancy Taught Me

I’m currently 25 weeks into my second pregnancy. That means I’ve been pregnant for a total of 62 weeks of my life, which equates to over a year. Despite the fact that I have been a human incubator for this fairly significant amount of time, I still feel that I am hardly an expert on the […]

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I am not #fitmon

I am not #fitmom

Last fall, a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant, I logged on to Facebook and saw a post my friend had shared. It showed a lovely vista from a mountaintop and said something like, “What a beautiful eight-mile hike this morning! No excuses! #fitfirsttrimester #fitpregnancy #fitmom.” That elicited a pretty dramatic eye roll […]

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The First Trimester: All About Survival

{this beautifully styled table coming to an HGTV magazine near you}   We are expecting our second child in July, and I have to tell y’all: the first trimester has put me THROUGH THE RINGER this time. I literally composed this post on my phone two days before winding up in the ER due to […]

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Home Birth to Hospital

  With our beautiful 5 year old daughter we were able to work with a midwife and doula in order to have a quick, comfortable home birth with almost no complications. I say almost because the birth went amazing. She came in about 6 hours and it was a miraculous experience. After she came though […]

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How Many Sticks Have You Peed On?

I was only 17 when I suffered my first miscarriage. I remember in the moment it was happening feeling sad, confused, in pain, and guilt for the tiniest tinge of relief that creeped inside me. It was the summer after my freshman year of college and I was engaged at the time to my high school […]

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