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Mommy, can I have a snack?

Snack. How many times do you hear that word in a day? Seriously?! Every five seconds these kids ask for snacks! As a mom of three kids under seven, I get it. The temptation for convenience is real. But, what if what we are giving our kids is either keeping them healthy or compromising their […]

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Photo courtesy of the Virginia Historical Society

History Can Teach Us Empathy

If everyone had a strong sense of empathy—the ability to share and understand another’s feeling and experiences—the world would be a pretty perfect place. Perhaps we could have avoided slavery, the Holocaust, 9/11, and countless other atrocities and tragedies if we all thought more about one another’s experiences and feelings.  In her recently published parenting book, Unselfie: Why […]

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Meet Holly

Hi. I’m Holly. I have always known that I wanted to be a mother. My whole life. I knew that I was destined. I knew that nurturing others was one of my spiritual gifts. No questions. It was all part of a larger plan that I was meant to fulfill. From about the age of […]

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