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The 30-Minute Solution

The 30-Minute Solution That Helped My Sanity

I have more things on my To Do List than I have time to complete them.  I’m notorious for thinking I can complete 15 minutes worth of tasks in 5 minutes. That way of thinking contributes to my frequent frustration that I haven’t done anything. I haven’t “really” not done anything. It’s just that I only did 10 things when I thought […]

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The Passion Pitfall

The Passion Pitfall

We’ve all heard versions of these quotes meant to inspire us to follow our dreams: The message is a good one: dedicating yourself to whatever you’re passionate about can lead to a meaningful, purposeful career. And in many cases, it truly can. The person who’s passionate about helping people turns that into a long, fruitful […]

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Stop Asking For Help

Stop Asking for Help

I don’t think there is a mom out there who hasn’t needed help… …who hasn’t felt overwhelmed, drowning in life’s day-to-day grind. What mom hasn’t felt frustrated by seemingly endless chores, errands, laundry, cleaning, cooking, and planning, often in addition to a job outside the home? I hear, over and over again, mothers complaining of […]

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