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How I’m Using Multilevel Marketing to Give Back

I’m one of those moms who sells things to her friends on Facebook. I never thought I’d make a living marketing to people while they’re on their break at work, or nursing their baby, or going to the bathroom (come on, you know it’s true) but that’s what I do. Trust me, I know there […]

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I didn't want to be a working mom

I Didn’t Want to be a Working Mom

As a child, when I imagined what my future looked like, it included me at home with my kids (or as a princess or prima ballerina, depending on the day). My mom didn’t work regularly outside the home until I was in junior high, and I wanted that life for myself, too. Even as I grew […]

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the first three months are terrible

The First Three Months Are Terrible!

Before I had my daughter lots of people gave me advice, but this one stuck with me: “The first three months are terrible.” It stuck with me because even though people warned me that we would be tired, and joked about dirty diapers, everyone usually ended with something about how being a parent was the […]

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