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Don't Forget Your Fur Babies

Don’t Forget About Your Fur Babies

Having kids is one of life’s greatest miracles and blessings. It brings with it a whole new lifestyle and responsibilities that often take over most of our days and even nights. This can leave our fur babies feeling less than important and could lead to torn up shoes, couches, unexpected and unwanted surprises left indoors, […]

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Pop Punk Dad

Pop Punk Dad

I married a punk. Matt Seymour is my husband and Ruby’s dad. He’s been playing music around Richmond for almost two decades. Anyone who knows him knows that he loves making music, going to shows, supporting his friends, drinking beer, and riding his bike. It turns out he also loves being a dad. His life […]

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Mommy, can I have a snack?

Snack. How many times do you hear that word in a day? Seriously?! Every five seconds these kids ask for snacks! As a mom of three kids under seven, I get it. The temptation for convenience is real. But, what if what we are giving our kids is either keeping them healthy or compromising their […]

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single mom

5 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Single Mom

Single parenting is not for the faint of heart. No wonder there is a National Single Parent’s Day. While I am currently in the midst of blending my family and hanging up my single parent status, the lessons learned are ever present. As with parenting in any situation, parenting solo comes with the good, the […]

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My FavoriteKids Books

My Favorite Kids Books

Growing up, my parents read several books to me almost every night. I believe this led to a lifelong love for reading, education, school, and yes…books. As we move into spring and cleaning out our children’s collections, I wanted to suggest a few gems to look for on those shelves. (Spring cleaning blog to come!) […]

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