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The Family Table: Back to School Lunches

I don’t know about you mamas, but when school is gearing up to start back, I start thinking about packing lunches. It’s definitely a chore that I don’t miss during the summer, but it’s also something I’m very committed to doing. As a nutritionist, I’m not always a huge fan of school lunches. Additionally, with […]

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Reduce Screen Time and Amp Up Entertainment: 3 Reasons to Listen to the Akron Adventures Kids Podcast

Let’s begin with the obvious: we’ve all seen the glassy-eyed, slack-jawed faces of our little darlings when they’ve been staring at a video game, a YouTube series, or a favorite Pixar movie for too long. We’re all trying to monitor and limit our kids’ screen time to what seems reasonable. To say it’s not easy—especially […]

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Preparing Your Daughter for a Successful Year…Advice from the OB/GYN

As the new school year approaches, we know mothers play a critical role in preparing daughters for a successful year. Whether your daughter is going into middle school, high school, or college, it is never too soon to start educating her on female health and wellness. The common misconception is that young females do not need […]

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The Final {Kindergarten} Countdown

Two weeks from today, public schools start here in RVA. Administrators and lead teachers have already returned for the new year. So, you could say that we are in the final countdown to back to school. Some are in the final countdown to kindergarten. Kindergarten moms, right now, there is a teacher preparing for your […]

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Pregnancy Food Pairings

Pregnancy Food Pairings

I am what I like to call a “food motivated” person. Despite being a picky eater as a child (ok, ok, and through college…), I love good food: eating it, cooking it, and talking about it. I’m also a real person who eats Chick-fil-a, Cook Out, and frozen pizza because I believe in all things […]

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Summer Parenting

How Summertime Can Motivate Us to Keep Our Eyes on the Goal of Parenting

Summer is here, and our thoughts and expectations go to what we long for summers to be: Sips of tea on a hot day— Sitting by the pool— Lingering in the evenings catching fireflies— Listening to thunderstorms roll through— Vacations— Good books to read— Summer concerts in the park— and Long lazy days. But too […]

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GSS - august post

Back to School – Stay in the Pool!

As the kids are getting ready to go back in school, it’s time to celebrate and ease into your family routine again – which should include swimming lessons! At Goldfish Swim School, we’ve designed our curriculum to not only help your child learn to swim, but to aid in learning in school, too! How Kids […]

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