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our stories can change lives by bringing hope to those who are struggling.

Our Stories can Change Lives by Bringing Hope to Those who are Struggling – Share your Story

We are putting together a compilation of stories by real women who have recovered—or are recovering—from eating disorders/disordered eating. The intended audience is people in the midst of an eating disorder or people whose loved ones are suffering. While we expect the stories to share the pain and suffering of eating disorders, we want the […]

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family table - celebrations

The Family Table: Everyday Celebration Collection

Family celebrations are important. Whether it be celebrating something concrete like a birthday or accomplishment at school or celebrating more seemingly everyday moments like good attitudes and time together, acknowledging these things with a meal together breathes life into your family. Here at Richmond Moms Blog, we have a lot of different families represented and […]

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marcie- math

3 Preschool Games to Increase Math Literacy

My husband is essentially an applied mathematician and I was a physics teacher. We often leave each other notes around the house in the form of graphs or equations. True love, people. This is the current view in my kitchen…finding the minimum angle for a ladder so that it doesn’t slip. And no, this isn’t […]

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