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My Favorite Fall Comfort Foods

My Favorite Fall Comfort Foods

Oh, Fall, how we love you!  Cooler temps, layered clothes, pumpkin spice everything, aaand…the ability to put on a few pounds without anyone noticing thanks to the aforementioned layered clothes. Along those lines, my favorite fall comfort foods tend to be on the weightier side of the scale, if you know what I mean. Creamy […]

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Home Date Night

Home Date Nights: How We Fit It In & What We Do

Let’s start with the first question you’re asking: Why would you ever consider a home date night? Don’t get me wrong—I’m a huge fan of dates away from home. But when you have 4 kids and a husband enrolled in seminary ($$$), you either stop dating each other, orrrrr…you look for other options. We chose […]

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Beyond Books

Beyond Books: 3 Reasons to Love Your Library

One of the main goals I have for my children is that they learn to love books. Because of that, the library is totally up my alley. However, in case books are not your jam, I want to let you in on a little, incredibly awesome secret: The library is not just shelves of books. And […]

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10 spring crafts RMB

10 Spring Crafts for Kids

Even though it may not *feel* like spring quite yet here in Richmond, the calendar is telling us that spring has definitely arrived! My kids love doing crafts, so I thought it would be fun to round up a few Spring craft ideas that are super kid friendly. Some of these crafts are geared towards […]

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