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Fails Make the Best Memories - Richmond Moms Blog

Fails Make the Best Memories

So I’ve been thinking a lot about failure and what I consider a #fail. With all the beautiful crafts, decorations, cookies, and homemade this and thats, it’s easy to get sucked in and feel like, “Why do I even bother?” But here’s why you bother: Because doing the thing is more important than the thing […]

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The Dreaded Mom Haircut - Before

The Dreaded Mom Haircut

So I did it. I got all my hair chopped off. You know, cause I’m a mom, and that’s what us moms have to do eventually right? I was nervous about it because I had let my hair get so long. It was probably the longest it had ever been, but I was always putting […]

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Ahhhhh! Halloween!


  Here’s the thing: Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. But let me tell you, Halloween is a very close second. You can just ask my husband about all the bins with decorations in the basement. I just think those two holidays are the most fun to decorate for! And hello! You get to create […]

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Fun Football Food

{Pinterest Round Up} Fun Football Foods

  Some people love football, some don’t. Some people love the Steelers, (ahem…me) and some don’t. But one thing we can all agree on loving is snack foods! Football season means appetizers galore, and that’s something to cheer about. So even if you’re not excited about football season, you can be excited about the recipes […]

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Pop Punk Dad

Pop Punk Dad

I married a punk. Matt Seymour is my husband and Ruby’s dad. He’s been playing music around Richmond for almost two decades. Anyone who knows him knows that he loves making music, going to shows, supporting his friends, drinking beer, and riding his bike. It turns out he also loves being a dad. His life […]

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the first three months are terrible

The First Three Months Are Terrible!

Before I had my daughter lots of people gave me advice, but this one stuck with me: “The first three months are terrible.” It stuck with me because even though people warned me that we would be tired, and joked about dirty diapers, everyone usually ended with something about how being a parent was the […]

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