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Keeping it all together

“I don’t know how you do it? You always are so put together.” It’s a phrase I hear a lot. But, let’s face it none of us have it all together.  If I’m being honest, I fell like most people have it way more together than I do and I am often surprised when I […]

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RMB welcomes James River Orthodontics

One size does not fit all – How one practice is breaking the orthodontic mold Choosing an orthodontist for your family isn’t easy. Some ask neighbors and coworkers. Some ask their friends. Some even look at online ratings and reviews. Yet all this research can leave you feeling even more confused. With so many options […]

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Thanksgiving Restaurant Guide

Restaurants Open in Richmond on Thanksgiving Day

Restaurants Open in Richmond on Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day is here! We are giving thanks for all of the many ways that we celebrate Thanksgiving.  For some of us that means gathering around a table at restaurant here in Richmond. Maybe it’s a planned event or maybe your oven stopped working right after you finished […]

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Keeping it together this fall

Keeping it togther – simple ways to thrive in the chaos of fall

It’s the end of October.  It is finally cooler, and the days are becoming shorter.  If you are anything at all like me, you are already burned out about the school year – the homework, the parent teacher conferences, the fall assemblies, did I mention the homework, and the best and worst of all extra-curricular […]

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Copy of blended families

Celebrating a Sensory Friendly July 4th

Before I had kids I loved the Fourth of July – fireworks, sparklers, strawberry shortcakes, picnics with family, and parades. Now it’s loud noises, cranky hot kids, food allergies, funky comments, and more loud noises. Two of my children have sensory differences. They respond in varying degrees of delight or distress depending on the stimuli of […]

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