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Why You Should Be Open To Switching Up Your Holiday Traditions

Everyone likes to do things their own way and holiday traditions are no different.  There’s nothing like the holidays as a parent. But the holidays between Thanksgiving and New Years can be fraught with conflict. To kids, they are a magical time described in the movie A Christmas Story as “Lovely, glorious, beautiful Christmas… around […]

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Seasons of Parenting

The Seasons of Parenting

Most days I love being a parent. I may not like the arguing, the whining, and the spilling of food and drink. But in general, it’s something I’m very grateful for. However, when people tell me to appreciate my kids when they’re young, that someday they won’t want to be with me, that I will […]

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Kindergarten Tears...and Smiles

Kindergarten Tears…and Smiles

Kindergarten is a word that stirs many emotions in a parent’s heart. Even if your child has previously been in full-time daycare or preschool, it’s a big milestone. Things become more formal, more systematic, more grown-up somehow, and of course, cheaper (if your child is attending public school). Raising a child is a very personal […]

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