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Working from home

So You’re Now Working From Home

Ok, so this is happening.  Either by choice to practice social distancing or because your company has “strongly encouraged” you to, you’re now working from home.  If you’re like me, you actually like going into the office: you get to dress up, you enjoy your coworkers, and you get a lot of benefit from being […]

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Why I still go to bookstores

Why I Still Go to Physical Bookstores

I recently had that unicorn of days: my husband had work.  My kids’ daycare was open.  And I didn’t have to work.  Since this only happens one day a year, I practically ran myself ragged doing laundry, cleaning, organizing, and running errands.  One errand was to the bookstore – a physical, brick and mortar, walk-through-the-shelves-and-touch-the-books, […]

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Pregnancy Food Pairings

Pregnancy Food Pairings

I am what I like to call a “food motivated” person. Despite being a picky eater as a child (ok, ok, and through college…), I love good food: eating it, cooking it, and talking about it. I’m also a real person who eats Chick-fil-a, Cook Out, and frozen pizza because I believe in all things […]

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kim - sally ride day

Space is for Girls

Today, May 26th, is Sally Ride Day, in honor of America’s first woman in space. In addition to flying twice on shuttle missions, earning both a masters and Ph.D. in physics, and serving on both shuttle disaster investigation panels (the only person to do that, by the way), Dr. Ride co-founded a company that creates […]

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kim - when mom needs a break

When Momma Needs a Break

The last several months have been really rough with toddler emotions going awry, a baby who doesn’t sleep through the night, work commitments, and all of the other normal things you have to juggle as an adult. I tried all of the self-care suggestions you and I both read about all the time: making time […]

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Kim - Nightstand Fix

Making Your House Work: Quick Nightstand Fix

When we talk about adding functionality to our homes, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the big things we want to accomplish. If it’s not The Big Project That Will Solve All My Woes, is it really worth attempting?  Sometimes, though, you don’t have much time, much money, or much energy. That doesn’t mean you […]

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