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Preschool Isn’t Babysitting

Here are the facts: I’m a stay-at-home mom. I send my kids to preschool. Part of the reason I chose to stay home was to share all the little moments with my kids. So it might seem contrary that I send them to preschool. In fact, another mom in the neighborhood and I were on […]

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The Non-College Dream

Last month, Henrico County Public Schools hosted its second annual Career and Technical Education signing day. This event gives the same celebration to vocational students signing with employers as to student-athletes signing with college athletic teams. And while it may not be streamed on ESPN it has been showcased by Mike Rowe, The Today Show, […]

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Copy of Tech Mom

It’s Time for Kindergarten Registration

It’s Kindergarten Registration Day! We are registering my youngest today for kindergarten and are so excited. If this is your first time at kindergarten registration, here are a few tips: 1. Make sure your child’s birthday falls in the appropriate range. If your child is going to be 5 years old by September 30, 2019, this […]

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Tech Mom

3 Mom Tech Devices from the Non-Tech Mom

As a physics teacher, people make the assumption that I have all the latest tech devices. I don’t. I held out on getting a smartphone until 2013 and still only have a plan with 2G of data. I’m not anti-technology. Technology can be a great resource and tool. I’m frugal. And I can’t afford to buy […]

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Red For Ed: I’m Not Marching For My Children

I’m marching for our schools on Monday. Confession: I generally try to avoid large moving groups of people ever since I had an anxiety attack during a fire drill when I was a pregnant teacher envisioning my unborn child being trampled by hundreds of high schoolers. But this cause is worth the crowd. I’m a […]

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