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Summer Hair Tips

Ahhh, summer! Warm temperatures, swimming, outdoor activities, festivals, cookouts. Humidity, sweat, frizz, chlorine. I love summertime, but it is not good on hair, and as a hairstylist, I get lots of questions about the best way to care for locks in the heat. Here are my top 5 tips for coping in the summertime. 1. […]

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The Dreaded Mom Haircut - Before

The Dreaded Mom Haircut

So I did it. I got all my hair chopped off. You know, cause I’m a mom, and that’s what us moms have to do eventually right? I was nervous about it because I had let my hair get so long. It was probably the longest it had ever been, but I was always putting […]

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That Tattooed Mom

That Tattooed Mom

  I got my first tattoo when I turned 18. I had wanted one ever since I was 16, but in keeping with my mother’s rules, I waited until a) I was 18 and b) I paid for it myself.  My college roommate Jen and I went to Way Cool Tattoos, here in RVA, traveling […]

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Felt Ball Ponytail Holders

{DIY} Felt Ball Ponytail Holders

Hi, Richmond Moms! My name is Linda with burlap+blue where I share crafts, free printables and more for women. I have the sweetest tutorial to share with you all today. These felt ball ponytail holders are simple and so, so adorable (as is my little model, obviously). I created them with three different colors of […]

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