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Making Your House Work: How to Pick the Right Paint

Last time, I shared creative ways to add color to your house. Now that you have inspiration, you need some paint. But all paints are not created equal. The Basics of Picking Your Paint Oil or Latex I pick latex every time…or almost every time. You only need water for cleanup and there are generally […]

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Marcie - Color

Making Your House Work: Adding Color

I want my house to reflect who I am. And I am, well, colorful. I love bright happy colors and splashing them around where I live. I grew up in a Victorian neighborhood in Bon Air where every house is painted brightly like an Easter Egg. My dad let me pick the color of my […]

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Marcie - Design compromise

Making Your House Work: Design Compromise with a 6-Year-Old

When I was pregnant with each of my children, I meticulously designed their nurseries, carefully curating and handmaking everything. I dreamed of who they will be and tried to reflect that in their rooms as if sleeping under an abacus for five years would make him a math whiz. It was a little ridiculous but […]

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Aditi - cards - COPY THIS ONE

Treasuring Memories – Storing and Recycling Old Greeting Cards

Words. Beautiful, heartwarming, appreciative. Images. Memorable, heartening. Designs. Beautiful beyond imagination.  The right greeting card can do what many times actions fail to do. The right words said at the right time can make all the difference to a person’s day, occasion, or celebration. Finding the right card that says exactly what is within your […]

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Kim - Nightstand Fix

Making Your House Work: Quick Nightstand Fix

When we talk about adding functionality to our homes, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the big things we want to accomplish. If it’s not The Big Project That Will Solve All My Woes, is it really worth attempting?  Sometimes, though, you don’t have much time, much money, or much energy. That doesn’t mean you […]

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Marcie - House - Unused spaces

Making Your House Work: Utilizing Wasted Space

I would love to build my dream home with every nook and cranny perfectly suited for my family. Well, to be honest, what I would REALLY love is to buy the house next door, knock it and my house down, and build my perfect house (including a garage!) on a double lot in the exact […]

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