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Social Media & Our Children

Social Media and Our Children

A Whole New World… Growing up, I hated hearing my parents’ comparison between my generation and theirs. The answer to my complaints about my teenage angst were continuously met with, “When I was young…,” “Your generation…,” and the despised, “You have it easy,” response. Now that I’m a parent in 2017, I can safely say […]

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Help Your Child Navigate the Scary Things

Help Your Children Navigate the Scary Things

Halloween is over, but scary movies, TV shows, books, and activities are year-round. Julie Best Wilcox, LCSW at Thriveworks Counseling and Life Coaching in Chesterfield, shares important tips that can help you navigate scary things with your children. How do we help our children (and sometimes ourselves) prepare for the scary shows or events and especially […]

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My Addiction to This Is Us

My Addiction to This is Us

I don’t watch a lot of TV. I do my best to not have my girls watch any unless it’s the weekend. That being said, on Tuesdays recently, we’ve found a little addiction that my husband and I are sharing. The TV show This is Us. Tuesday night, we were sitting in separate chairs but […]

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