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I have a just turned 13-year-old son. The title and this information should tell you all you need to know about the current love hate relationship with Fortnite that my wife and I share. If you are reading this and are wondering if I am speaking Elizabethan English, consider yourself lucky. You either have kids […]

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Reduce Screen Time and Amp Up Entertainment: 3 Reasons to Listen to the Akron Adventures Kids Podcast

Let’s begin with the obvious: we’ve all seen the glassy-eyed, slack-jawed faces of our little darlings when they’ve been staring at a video game, a YouTube series, or a favorite Pixar movie for too long. We’re all trying to monitor and limit our kids’ screen time to what seems reasonable. To say it’s not easy—especially […]

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cheryl- TV

In Support of Substantial Screentime

Summer screams for screentime. And maybe you should just let it happen. The underdog has always been the recipient of my support. Sometimes due to sympathy, and sometimes due to empathy. Most frequently, just because no one else wants to risk the public derision by standing alongside. Such villainy is associated with television watching; the […]

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Chas - Grill

The Family Table: Grillin’ and Chillin’

Two years ago my Mother’s Day gift from my husband was a big, shiny, sparkly…GRILL! That’s right not Father’s Day, Mother’s Day. A black and silver gas powered beast. I love it. I grew up in a grilling family and have always loved cooking that way. My husband can grill, but it is really my […]

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Cheryl - VMFA

Arts Museums ARE Children’s Museums – Tips for Family Fun with Fine Art

Did you know Richmond’s Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) is widely regarded as not only one of the best museums in the country, but one of the finest in the world? Right in our own backyard! Too often, people—especially parents—assume museums are formal, stodgy, child-unfriendly spaces. They’re not intended to be! Few destinations can […]

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Emmie - Winter Games - COPY THIS ONE-2

A Mom’s Guide to the Winter Games

Growing up, the Olympics were a time to celebrate. At my house, there was not even the possibility of changing the channel: it was round the clock coverage. From the Opening Ceremonies, the events themselves, the stories about local culture, the Inspirational stories about the Olympians themselves (let’s face it, they are awesome) through the […]

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