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Keep Education Alive

Keep Education Alive This Summer

What is summer brain drain? It’s when time off school leads to children losing knowledge and skills they spent the previous school year gaining. While we all need respite and relaxation, it is important for kids to have meaningful learning opportunities during the 10-week summer break. These opportunities do not need to be forced or […]

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Copy of Copy of Fireworks

The Family Table: Summer Meal Planning

Happy summer, mamas! You’re in the thick of summertime fun, hopefully. Likely, you’ve realized that feeding your family in the summer is a bit different than it is during the school year, right?  Whether you’re packing lunches, snacks and drinks for day-long camps, or fending off your hungry little beasts, here are some summer […]

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The Family Table: Kids in the Kitchen

My two kids could not be more different in their approach to food or in their tastes.  My daughter has always been adventurous, trying anything we offered her with few exceptions. My son has been more cautious and hesitant to try anything new. One of our strategies to get both kids to expand their tastes […]

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Pick Up That Penny

At some point in our life we’ve all stumbled upon a penny on the ground. If we’re lucky, it may have been heads up. If we’re even more fortunate, we may have found a nickel, dime, or quarter. Then we get older, and begin to think that it’s not worth stopping to pick up those […]

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