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family table - celebrations

The Family Table: Everyday Celebration Collection

Family celebrations are important. Whether it be celebrating something concrete like a birthday or accomplishment at school or celebrating more seemingly everyday moments like good attitudes and time together, acknowledging these things with a meal together breathes life into your family. Here at Richmond Moms Blog, we have a lot of different families represented and […]

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Heather - sensitive - COPY THIS ONE

A Letter To My Sensitive Child

To my dear, sensitive child; At first, I didn’t want to use that word sensitive. Sometimes people use sensitive as an insult – they say things like “you’re too sensitive” or “stop being so sensitive.” But sensitive can also mean “having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others’ feelings.” Or it can mean “quick to detect […]

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Missing Mom in January - Richmond Moms Blog

A Slow Season: A Mother Missing Her Mom in January

A mother’s year ebbs and flows with the seasons. School semesters, sports teams, birthdays, holidays, vacations, sickness.  But all the seasons are busy ones, and none more than the fall leading into winter for me. All four of our family’s birthdays are in the fall, which I love. But add that to starting new school […]

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Holiday Traditions - Richmond Moms Blog

Why You Should Be Open To Switching Up Your Holiday Traditions

Everyone likes to do things their own way and holiday traditions are no different.  There’s nothing like the holidays as a parent. But the holidays between Thanksgiving and New Years can be fraught with conflict. To kids, they are a magical time described in the movie A Christmas Story as “Lovely, glorious, beautiful Christmas… around […]

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Adoption Stories

RVA Moms Share Stories of Adoption – Share Your Adoption Story!

According to Wikipedia Adoption is a process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another, usually a child, from that person’s biological or legal parent or parents, and, in so doing, permanently transfers all rights and responsibilities, along with filiation, from the biological parent or parents. This process could take a long time going through court. According to some RVA moms of […]

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