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The Man at WAWA

An Open Letter to the Man at Wawa

Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be the recipient of your act of kindness. You didn’t have to offer to buy our bottle of water and 3 ridiculous juices with the character heads but you did. Thank you for being respectful when you asked if you could do something nice for me. I’m […]

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5 Ways Help a New Mom

5 Ways to Help a New Mom

I was weeks away from becoming a new mom…for the second time. While I still had excitements and anxieties surrounding the arrival of my second son, I also had a sense of calm and confidence that I didn’t have the first time. With the birth of my first son, I was at a complete and […]

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Father's Day for the Father-To-Be

Father’s Day for the Father-To-Be

I recently wished a friend of ours who is expecting a “Happy Mother’s Day.” She responded with a confused look and stated, “I am not a mom yet.” This conversation was then taken up with the owner of Richmond Moms Blog, Christina Tinker (@tinkertalks): When do you become a parent? Is it when you get […]

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