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Treasuring Memories – Storing and Recycling Old Greeting Cards

Words. Beautiful, heartwarming, appreciative. Images. Memorable, heartening. Designs. Beautiful beyond imagination.  The right greeting card can do what many times actions fail to do. The right words said at the right time can make all the difference to a person’s day, occasion, or celebration. Finding the right card that says exactly what is within your […]

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Confession: I Hired a House Cleaner

Confession: I Hired a House Cleaner

  She’s already in the master bedroom. I hear something heavy drag across the carpet, then thump to the floor. Hurried footsteps, a soft pufft, and the smell of bleach permeates the house. She’s too quick, I worry. I’ll never make it out in time. The kids are half-dressed, tired, and angry. I woke them […]

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