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kate - why so glum

It’s a Beautiful Spring Day…Why So Glum?

Every year the same thing happens. Winter lingers a bit longer than I would like, spring is on the horizon and I begin to get excited about the warm weather and new growth, and the anticipation of my son’s spring birthday. And then, I turn into a grey, grumpy, snippy, and just kinda meh kind […]

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marcie - nurses (1)

To the Nurse Who…

Between birthing babies, raising children, and enduring cancer treatment, a lot of my last 6 years have been spent in medical facilities. I have been fortunate to be under the care of brilliant, compassionate doctors. However, the real care comes from the nurses. So here is to all the nurses that offer care when we […]

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Flu Season Tips from an RN -

Flu Season Tips from an RN

We’ve all seen the headlines. The flu is widespread in almost every state, and this year’s dominant strain is particularly severe. Most terrifying of all for parents, there have been 30 reported flu deaths in children. It’s enough to make anyone want to dress their kids in a hazmat suit or not leave the house […]

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I Took A Sick Day

I Took a Sick Day and We All Survived

We’ve all heard it :: “Moms don’t get sick days.” In fact, I think that we as moms have made that statement above one of the harshest realities of motherhood. We’ve learned to “just deal with it.” We’ve created memes mocking what we call man flu when our husbands fall ill. We’ve pretty much accepted the certitude […]

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