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kim - sally ride day

Space is for Girls

Today, May 26th, is Sally Ride Day, in honor of America’s first woman in space. In addition to flying twice on shuttle missions, earning both a masters and Ph.D. in physics, and serving on both shuttle disaster investigation panels (the only person to do that, by the way), Dr. Ride co-founded a company that creates […]

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kate - why so glum

It’s a Beautiful Spring Day…Why So Glum?

Every year the same thing happens. Winter lingers a bit longer than I would like, spring is on the horizon and I begin to get excited about the warm weather and new growth, and the anticipation of my son’s spring birthday. And then, I turn into a grey, grumpy, snippy, and just kinda meh kind […]

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To the Mother at the Playground

Sandbox Parenting

Her loud, clear voice cut through the din of children’s babble and parent conversation around us. I stood near the edge of the large rectangular play area, my infant son in a carrier as my 2-year-old daughter played happily in the cool sand.   “What did I tell you to do when someone tries to […]

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parker - raising a child

I’m Not Raising a Child

Being a mother is one of the best jobs I have ever been blessed with, but it is also the HARDEST job too. I think the good reasons go without saying as we have these little people who we adore from the depths of our being. When we look at the hard reasons, I think […]

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aditi - siblings

Keeping the Sibling Peace

Who else feels like pulling their hair when the siblings call for a referee? “Mooooooom. (insert name here) is (insert alleged act of aggression here) to me… “ And you knew it was coming! It’s like a superpower. This ability to predict, when the argument will hit that pitch that will make you pull your […]

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