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Keeping the Sibling Peace

Who else feels like pulling their hair when the siblings call for a referee? “Mooooooom. (insert name here) is (insert alleged act of aggression here) to me… “ And you knew it was coming! It’s like a superpower. This ability to predict, when the argument will hit that pitch that will make you pull your […]

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Heather - sensitive - COPY THIS ONE

A Letter To My Sensitive Child

To my dear, sensitive child; At first, I didn’t want to use that word sensitive. Sometimes people use sensitive as an insult – they say things like “you’re too sensitive” or “stop being so sensitive.” But sensitive can also mean “having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others’ feelings.” Or it can mean “quick to detect […]

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Heather - Parenting Emotions - COPY THIS ONE

I Wish Someone Had Told Me… About The Emotions of Parenting

Parenthood comes with big emotions.   Wait, did you think I was going to talk about my kids’ emotions? Nope. My kids have plenty of big emotions. But they’re young and experiencing things for the first time, so that’s to be expected. Me on the other hand? I’m supposed to be mature and calm, right?  […]

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Learning Lessons the Hard Way

Learning Lessons the Hard Way

As a self-professed control freak, raising kids has presented its fair share of challenges: How do you find that balance between helping your children with things they aren’t ready for and yet teach them to do things for themselves? How do you determine what is an acceptable risk? What do you use as a guideline […]

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