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The Non-College Dream

Last month, Henrico County Public Schools hosted its second annual Career and Technical Education signing day. This event gives the same celebration to vocational students signing with employers as to student-athletes signing with college athletic teams. And while it may not be streamed on ESPN it has been showcased by Mike Rowe, The Today Show, […]

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The Final {Kindergarten} Countdown

Two weeks from today, public schools start here in RVA. Administrators and lead teachers have already returned for the new year. So, you could say that we are in the final countdown to back to school. Some are in the final countdown to kindergarten. Kindergarten moms, right now, there is a teacher preparing for your […]

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kate - why so glum

It’s a Beautiful Spring Day…Why So Glum?

Every year the same thing happens. Winter lingers a bit longer than I would like, spring is on the horizon and I begin to get excited about the warm weather and new growth, and the anticipation of my son’s spring birthday. And then, I turn into a grey, grumpy, snippy, and just kinda meh kind […]

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That Tattooed Mom

That Tattooed Mom

  I got my first tattoo when I turned 18. I had wanted one ever since I was 16, but in keeping with my mother’s rules, I waited until a) I was 18 and b) I paid for it myself.  My college roommate Jen and I went to Way Cool Tattoos, here in RVA, traveling […]

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Kindergarten Tears...and Smiles

Kindergarten Tears…and Smiles

Kindergarten is a word that stirs many emotions in a parent’s heart. Even if your child has previously been in full-time daycare or preschool, it’s a big milestone. Things become more formal, more systematic, more grown-up somehow, and of course, cheaper (if your child is attending public school). Raising a child is a very personal […]

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