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kate - why so glum

It’s a Beautiful Spring Day…Why So Glum?

Every year the same thing happens. Winter lingers a bit longer than I would like, spring is on the horizon and I begin to get excited about the warm weather and new growth, and the anticipation of my son’s spring birthday. And then, I turn into a grey, grumpy, snippy, and just kinda meh kind […]

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To the Mother at the Playground

Sandbox Parenting

Her loud, clear voice cut through the din of children’s babble and parent conversation around us. I stood near the edge of the large rectangular play area, my infant son in a carrier as my 2-year-old daughter played happily in the cool sand.   “What did I tell you to do when someone tries to […]

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bunny - judgement

Take Your Judgment and Shove It

“Wow! You did such a great job on this party, well the place you paid to host it did I guess. It must have cost a fortune! I didn’t see Leah on the invitation list but that’s probably for the best because you know how careful she is with what she allows her children eat […]

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Here Comes the Sun

I’ve spent most of the last 6 years living in a proverbial hole. I was welcomed into motherhood with a baby who screamed for most of his first year and didn’t sleep through the night until well after 1 year. Then I was chasing a toddler and pregnant, a whole new level of exhaustion. Then […]

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