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The Experiences of a Mother's Heart

The Experiences of a Mother’s Heart

Before becoming a parent, it never really occurred to me that one of the many feelings I would experience as a parent would be heartbreak. I pictured heart-pounding love, unexplainable joy, and overwhelming responsibility. If I pictured having any negative feelings at all, they could simply be summed up as fear, anxiety, frustration, and exhaustion. […]

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bad mama banana bread

Bad Mama Banana Bread

This isn’t the kind of mom I want to be. The realization hit me hard as I balanced uncomfortably on my hands and knees, scrubbing the last remnants of sticky goo from our tiled kitchen floor. My 4-year-old son had found me in the kitchen earlier that afternoon when he was supposed to be having […]

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The Reality of Being a Young Mom

The Reality of Being a Young Mom

It’s a Saturday night, and most of my other 21-year-old friends are heading out for the evening. Meanwhile, back at my house, my 2-year-old just tore her dirty diaper off in a fit of defiance and is running around the house naked. I try not to laugh as I put her in timeout and clean […]

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Okay to be ignorant?

Is it okay to be “ignorant” while I’m a Mother?

  I’ve never been a news junkie. My husband reads the news multiple times a day and has his own opinions on what’s happening domestically and internationally.  But me? I feel like I’m in time-out sometimes. I open up the news highlights only to stop three seconds in to wipe snotty noses or prevent a small […]

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