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There is no magic solution.

Three Sleep Products That Actually Work!

Dear Sleep Deprived Mama, I totally understand. You’re feeling overwhelmed by friend’s and family’s suggestions. You’re inundated with information on “How to help your baby sleep.” You’re feeling like you’ve tried everything but nothing is working. While I do hate to be the bearer of bad news, I feel like I owe it to you […]

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Summer Parenting

How Summertime Can Motivate Us to Keep Our Eyes on the Goal of Parenting

Summer is here, and our thoughts and expectations go to what we long for summers to be: Sips of tea on a hot day— Sitting by the pool— Lingering in the evenings catching fireflies— Listening to thunderstorms roll through— Vacations— Good books to read— Summer concerts in the park— and Long lazy days. But too […]

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Breaking the Cycle: Mommy Always Says Yes

Mommy Always Says Yes (Breaking the Cycle)

My husband didn’t take it personally. Our 2.5-year-old toddler said, “I don’t like my Daddy.” Not just once or twice, but three days straight of Daddy Dislike. I was the only one a bit hurt. I kept saying, “Mommy and Daddy are a team,” or “Daddy loves you so much.” I realized pretty soon it […]

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Keep Education Alive This Summer

Keep Education Alive This Summer

What is summer brain drain? It’s when time off school leads to children losing knowledge and skills they spent the previous school year gaining. While we all need respite and relaxation, it is important for kids to have meaningful learning opportunities during the 10-week summer break. These opportunities do not need to be forced or […]

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The Experiences of a Mother's Heart

The Experiences of a Mother’s Heart

Before becoming a parent, it never really occurred to me that one of the many feelings I would experience as a parent would be heartbreak. I pictured heart-pounding love, unexplainable joy, and overwhelming responsibility. If I pictured having any negative feelings at all, they could simply be summed up as fear, anxiety, frustration, and exhaustion. […]

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Four Travel Tips from a Sleep Professional

Four Travel Tips {From a Sleep Professional}

If you followed me for even one moment on Instagram, you’ve heard me say this phrase every day on vacation:  TRAVELING WITH KIDS IS NO JOKE.  I like to consider my husband and I pretty go-with-the-flow people. We’re flexible, enjoy new places, handle change well, and really love spending quality time together.  Now, add two children […]

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