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A Reminder of Purpose Amidst Exhaustion

I stumbled off the plane delirious from emotional and physical exhaustion; poured myself into my car for the forty minute drive back to my sweet, very much missed children and husband. I pulled into the driveway as they exploded through our front door with exuberant screams of joy!! Their little arms enveloped me with tender […]

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Enough Excuses

Dulled by repetition, we hear the news with only semi-surprised horror. We see the all-too-regular imagery of children hiding under their desks and running from their school. We see the families hugging—some in relief, others in grief—around the school perimeter. With hard-to-admit shame, we experience another moment of “Thank God, it’s not my baby” gratitude. […]

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Heather - Parenting Emotions - COPY THIS ONE

I Wish Someone Had Told Me… About The Emotions of Parenting

Parenthood comes with big emotions.   Wait, did you think I was going to talk about my kids’ emotions? Nope. My kids have plenty of big emotions. But they’re young and experiencing things for the first time, so that’s to be expected. Me on the other hand? I’m supposed to be mature and calm, right?  […]

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My Kids' Confidence Trumps Your Pessimism - Richmond Moms Blog

My Kids’ Confidence Trumps Your Pessimism

One of the things that I admire most about my kids is their confidence. They’re constantly coming up with new ideas and projects and trying out for every club or activity that interests them: Running for an SCA office, auditioning for the school play, joining the band or the choir, trying out for the school […]

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