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Keeping it together this fall

Keeping it togther – simple ways to thrive in the chaos of fall

It’s the end of October.  It is finally cooler, and the days are becoming shorter.  If you are anything at all like me, you are already burned out about the school year – the homework, the parent teacher conferences, the fall assemblies, did I mention the homework, and the best and worst of all extra-curricular […]

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Get your vote on mamas

Time to get your vote on, mamas!

I was 6 or 7 years old when I started voting. I know…early, right? I actually voted with my mom almost every time that she did. Likely, this is because she was a single mom and didn’t have a ton of options other than dragging me along. But, I also know that she felt strongly […]

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How to Be a Mom and a Friend

How to Be a Mom and a Friend

Moms Often Make Terrible Friends Moms get so used to putting their family’s needs ahead of their own that often when it comes to relationships outside of their immediate circle, they forget that there are other people who are depending on them as a friend. You know what I am talking about. There is drama […]

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Copy of Hit and Run

S-L-O-W-ing down: How to Live in the Moment and Forget the To-Do List

I’ve been exhausted for months now.  We moved houses. (Yes! I know…) With prepping for selling the house, then looking for houses, then packing, moving, unpacking, kids, chores, the kids’ numerous activities, working and basically staying alive, I’ve been overwhelmed beyond words. Physically, mentally & emotionally exhausted. My to-do list gets longer by the minute every […]

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