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Copy of Hit and Run

S-L-O-W-ing down: How to Live in the Moment and Forget the To-Do List

I’ve been exhausted for months now.  We moved houses. (Yes! I know…) With prepping for selling the house, then looking for houses, then packing, moving, unpacking, kids, chores, the kids’ numerous activities, working and basically staying alive, I’ve been overwhelmed beyond words. Physically, mentally & emotionally exhausted. My to-do list gets longer by the minute every […]

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The 30-Minute Solution

The 30-Minute Solution That Helped My Sanity

I have more things on my To Do List than I have time to complete them.  I’m notorious for thinking I can complete 15 minutes worth of tasks in 5 minutes. That way of thinking contributes to my frequent frustration that I haven’t done anything. I haven’t “really” not done anything. It’s just that I only did 10 things when I thought […]

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The Passion Pitfall

The Passion Pitfall

We’ve all heard versions of these quotes meant to inspire us to follow our dreams: The message is a good one: dedicating yourself to whatever you’re passionate about can lead to a meaningful, purposeful career. And in many cases, it truly can. The person who’s passionate about helping people turns that into a long, fruitful […]

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