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Nanny Tax?

One of the most important decisions that we make as mothers is that of the care of our children.  Often its complicated.  Do we stay home? Do we go back to work? A little of both? And, of course there are a million emotions that go with any decision that we make. One option that […]

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Montessori Magic

Montessori Magic

Montessori enrollments are on the rise and it is no wonder.  Often described as magic in the classroom, Montessori taps into the way children learn best. Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, educator and innovator, created a child-centered educational approach based on nurturing and cultivating a child’s natural desire to learn. Children learn […]

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Summer Fun in the City

With summer right around the corner, there are so many amazing and low-cost options for the whole family to enjoy during this season. Here is a list of some of my faves in and around the city.  1. Outdoor Water Parks There are two great outdoor water playgrounds for kids – Cobblestone Park in Hanover […]

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From Football to Fatherhood

Let me start by recognizing the fact that I, the kid who avoided writing papers in high school and college because I was not a “good writer,” am writing a blog. Truly anything is possible! For starters, I am not an expert on fatherhood.  That said, what I am is a very determined and passionate […]

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day fast approaching, you may find yourself scratching your head on what to get that special guy in your life. Whether it be your own dad or your baby daddy – these are sure to either make them laugh or have them feeling sentimental (whichever your goal may be). Check out my top […]

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Asheville – A Unique Getaway in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Are you still trying to figure out where to take the family this summer? Are you eager to try something different besides the beach? If you answered yes to those questions then I have a unique getaway for you that would be perfect for a family vacation this summer.  It is Asheville, North Carolina.  Nestled […]

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New Mom Must Haves

Something I wasn’t prepared for when I found out I was expecting is how much STUFF you “need” for a baby. I use the term need loosely as most of these items are not really necessities, but they sure as heck can make the transition go a lot smoother. When I was pregnant with my […]

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