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Here Comes the Sun

I’ve spent most of the last 6 years living in a proverbial hole. I was welcomed into motherhood with a baby who screamed for most of his first year and didn’t sleep through the night until well after 1 year. Then I was chasing a toddler and pregnant, a whole new level of exhaustion. Then […]

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5 Ways Help a New Mom

5 Ways to Help a New Mom

I was weeks away from becoming a new mom…for the second time. While I still had excitements and anxieties surrounding the arrival of my second son, I also had a sense of calm and confidence that I didn’t have the first time. With the birth of my first son, I was at a complete and […]

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Confessions of a Formula Feeding Mom

Confessions of a Formula Feeding Mom

With my first born, breastfeeding came naturally to me. I am the sort of person to usually go with the flow. (Ha!) I took in stride the growing pains of feeding a newborn. Formula feeding wasn’t even on my radar. What I wasn’t prepared for were the all night feeds my son trained me into […]

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the first three months are terrible

The First Three Months Are Terrible!

Before I had my daughter lots of people gave me advice, but this one stuck with me: “The first three months are terrible.” It stuck with me because even though people warned me that we would be tired, and joked about dirty diapers, everyone usually ended with something about how being a parent was the […]

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Yes, Dear Hubby, You Should Get Me a Push Present!

“What in the world is a Push Present?” he asked. No doubt my very loving husband would not appreciate me posting this story. But, I think that if he has this question, many other fathers might be wondering the same thing. And so it is probably worth the discussion. When we had our first daughter […]

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